"I have been taking class with Naushon for about ten years. I love the learning environment she generates. Her class is always a journey- a time of discovery and revelation. There is rigor, intelligence, a peaceful force, and room for self discovery. Her straightforward guidance is key in helping me find my willingness to transform." 

-KT Nelson - choreographer/ co- artistic director ODC Dance.


"Naushon is an AWESOME yoga teacher. She is the real deal - no trips - no affectations... she just tells it like it is. I find her classes to be extremely challenging but she encourages you to go at your own pace and be in the moment. While in her class I can easily let go of the world outside and focus on what's within.  Naushon is by far my favorite yoga teacher.  I love her style and her authenticity. Thank you Naushon, my life is better because of you!"

-Laura P 


"I have been practicing with Naushon for several years and am continually impressed that she can ask "what do you want to do today?" as a class begins and then expertly craft a class that has flow, pacing, energy all while meeting the requests of the students. She is an expert teacher who encourages students to be fully present and engaged where ever they are in their practice. I look forward to her classes each week!"

-Crystal L


"I’ve practiced with Naushon for nearly a decade.  When I started practicing I didn’t know very much about yoga and I was actually a skeptic of the physical value of the practice.  As a marathon runner, I never thought that “stretching” in a studio would give me the physical and mental challenge I craved.  I soon learned that I was very wrong. Naushon has a very grounded presence and leads the class on a mindful journey of self-discovery.  Her power vinyasa practice is physically demanding and not only requires strength, but also requires compassion and humility.  While her sequencing and postures physically challenge the body, her nurturing guidance quiets our minds and keeps us rooted in the present moment. She teaches us to reach within ourselves and to take the pose to our “own edge”.  We all come to our practice with differences, but we are all equal on the mat.  Naushon has taught me to use the mat as a mirror and to look at what comes up for me in a challenging moment.  I’ve taken what I’ve learned in Naushon’s class into my everyday existence and I’ve lived a much fuller and more balanced life.  I am in debt to Naushon for creating an environment where I can truly balance my mind, body and spirit."  

-Sebastian D


"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you."    ~African proverb


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